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Polish version of the CORE-OM questionnaire

The CORE-OM Polish Team

The translation was performed by the following working team:
  1. Professor Chris Evans - chair
  2. Andrzej Nehrebecki
  3. Milena Karlińska-Nehrebecka
  4. Alicja Heyda
  5. Marta Rzezak
  6. Anna Antoniewicz
  7. Mateusz Giesztorowicz

The work on the Polish CORE-OM is nearing completion by Milena Karlińska-Nehrebecka for her PhD from the Sigmund Freud Universitat in Vienna where her supervisors are Don Pokorny and Omar Gelo.

Professor Chris Evans, Andrzej Nehrebecki, Alicja Heyda and numerous psychotherapists in training from the Polish Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy are helping Milena in many jobs connected with the validation process.

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